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Our Story

The Past

The Woodlands Community Church began meeting on September 15, 1983, in the Interfaith Center with Floyd Disney as pastor, and officially organized November 4, 1984, with twenty-two members with Hank Fortune as pastor.  In September of 1985, Winston Wilson became the pastor and served until November of 1993 when Warren Foxworthy came to pastor our congregation.

On May 3, 1987, the congregation began meeting at 2120 Buckthorne Place.  A space of 3,500 square feet was leased to the church for $1.00, including utilities.  On March 15, 1987, a groundbreaking ceremony was conducted on our current property on Rush Haven Dr. and construction began on our present facility in early 1988.  Dedication of the church was held November 20, 1988

In early spring of 1996, in a bold step of faith, the church doubled its property size by purchasing two and a half additional acres for future development, and a 225 seat Worship Center was completed in July 2005.  It is our dream to have a total church campus, nestled beautifully in the woods, complete with a multipurpose auditorium, gymnasium, and other functional buildings.

Warren Foxworthy’s pastorate ended in 2012 and Steve Vaughn came to serve the church until 2018.  Steve Morley served as pastor from 2018 to 2021, and Mark Eby has served as our pastor since 2021.

During this time, a legacy of faith was left for those who would follow, as well as the facilities we worship in today.


The Present

In 2020, the world was rocked by the Covid Pandemic.  Fear and lockdowns took a toll on individuals and the church.  For months, worship was limited to mostly online viewership and most ministries of the church came to a halt.  Then in the spring of 2021, Pastor Morley announced his resignation as pastor of WCC.  For some it might have looked like the legacy of Woodlands Community Church would end.

However, the leadership of WCC did not see things that way.  They believed that God still had a purpose and plan for this church, so in September of 2021, we welcomed Pastor Mark and Tammy Eby as our pastor.

Today we are moving forward by the grace of God.  We have seen the restart of ministry to children, teens, young adults, women, and men.  We have seen new members join the church and new leaders stepping up as God calls them.  

Covid not only effected church attendance, but also finances.  The challenge for the past year and a half has been to stabilize finances so that we can begin to look toward the future.  While we are not quite where we need to be financially, God has been raising up new contributors to WCC, people who believe in giving God his tithe, knowing that as we are faithful to God with what He has given us, God will continue to supply all that we need.  Because of this, we believe that through careful spending, soon we will be back on secure footing financially. 

The Future

As we look toward the future, we see the Woodlands Community Church once more being a vital center for the life transforming power of the Gospel.  We see this church providing the following for our community:

  • A church that preaches and teaches authentic Christianity, where people discover God’s grace in salvation and entire sanctification.
  • A place where parents can find help raising their children with a Biblical foundation.
  • A center of support for marriages to discover the love God can bring.
  • A place of hope for those struggling with addictions of any kind.
  • A loving community where no one needs to feel like they are on this journey alone at any age.
  • An avenue for people to discover and implement their giftedness and call by God to serve others locally and around the world.




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