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Whether you're new to the area or just browsing because you felt like it, we want you to know that God is drawing you to Himself even now. 


Whether you're considering joining us for the first time or have been attending for a while without getting connected, we want you to be a part of the family, because we believe that "family" is exactly what God has called us to be. 


We would love to hear from you if you're interested in visiting, whether for our 11:00am Sunday service or any other ministry opportunity at WCC.  If you have any questions at all, feel free to drop by, call or email us at 


To experience the joy of community, we get together a lot. Stay updated on upcoming events here. 


Here you can find out more about God's Word and what He is doing here @WCC. You will also find some of the articles and resources that best express our heart as a church. 










In Genesis 12 and Matthew 28, scripture records the importance of what we now call "missions" to the heart of God. In fact, at Woodlands Community Church, we believe missions is very much the heart of God for each and every one one of us. 

In various ways, shapes and forms, missions is more than outreach, relief work and evangelism. We see missions as loving people who are lost into the Kingdom or even loving those on the fringes deeper into their relationship with Jesus. To put it the way Jesus put it, we are learning to become "fishers of men."






Currently we are blessed to have our main international missions focus in the Republic of Ireland where we have some wonderful missionaries involved in church planting and other forms of community-based ministry. Our most recent trip was the winter of 2015-16, on which we had the privilege of working with a local community center as well as a local church to help support what is already happening there.




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